When will the election be over?

OK its time to say it: I am bored of the US presidential election now. It just seems to go on and on- not like our brief and ‘civilised’ campaigns at all!

I know depending on which side of the fence I am on I should be worried that one of the guys will destroy the planet by not cutting down on the pollution that the USA spews out on the world , or that the other guy will destroy the world by being soft on terrorism.

I know it should bother me that one of them will probably appoint pro-abortion judges whilst the other one might leave America’s poor to sufer inadequate healthcare.

But, at the end of the day it is none of my business, and as a member of “the rest of the world” I will simply have to put up with whichever leader of the free world you American’s choose for us.

So, why not hurry up and choose already? Does it have to take this long? From the begining of the hustings for party nominations there has been a gradual deterioration in some of my favorite American blogs. We are now at the point where I barely want to read any of them for fear of coming accross yet another political post!

Somebody, please find something other than politics to blog on, and put a link here in this comments section so I can go look at it without wading through “Bush is great” or “Vote Kerry” posts!

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