Happy New Year in a world of suffering?

Mark D Roberts argues that not only is it OK to celebrate new year tonight despite the tsunami, it is vital that we do. In the midst of great pain and heaviness the world needs joy. Lets generously enjoy the New Year and make today another record day of giving financial aid to the victims of the tsunami. After all to share our money is the least that we can do.

I pray that all my readers may have a happy and prosperous New Year and that we may all think of new ways of giving a little back to hummanity in acknowledgement of all God has given us.

Why should I be full and another hungry? Why should I have a warm home whilst others fight for blankets? Why should I have a complete family when others were divided by the sea? I don’t know the answers to any of this, but I do know that I can do something in honor of them- I can pray, I can give, and by thankfully enjoying the new year I can humbly value what I have been undeservedly given.

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