1st ever "Warnie" award acceptance speech

In case you missed it the first Warnie was awarded to John Mark Reynolds, and yes David as a fellow preacher you shouldn’t even have to ask- we are always ripping off other peoples ideas. Of course my award is inspired by the Jollies!

The noble recipients acceptance speech is well worth a read-

“I would like to thank the members of the Warnock UK Evangelical Blog Academy for presenting me this award. When a man begins blogging, sitting in his jams on a winter morning, he does not think of where it might lead him. Then one day he wakes up and his betters have said, ‘Well done.’ When I think of Jolly Blogger, Evangelical Outpost (I love you Marvin!), and all the other greater blogs that are out there, my own efforts seems small. That is the great thing about the Warnie awards. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

Since my first-born is named ‘Lewis,’ getting an award named for the brother of Saint Jack (Adrian- What is this about, I don’t get it!) is especially moving to me. Since reading Adrian Warnock’s blog and receiving this award, I also feel much closer to him.

This is the first blog award I have ever won. Having won it, my career is likely to jump the shark. Already, I feel compelled to move the blog to another city, add a cute kid, go on a vacation (Eidos visits London!), or grow in blogging by starting to say nice things about Tony Campolo. There is indeed no place to go but down from here. However, like Glaucon, when I go down I hope there is good company.

Someday when the blogging gods, Hewitt and Warnock and Carter, are thinking about the bad old days of blogging when anyone could write a blog and everyone was doing so I hope they remember me and say, ‘At least he never blogged any of his own poetry.’ ……I would like to thank all the people who got me here: To my parents, who made it possible for me to enter text by providing me with hands. To my wife, Hope, who sometimes lets me use my laptop to blog in bed. Greater love hath no wife than that she allows a Dell in her bedroom…….”

You too could win one. Expressions of admiration for John’s award and its desirability on your blog may help you get the next if you tell me they are there…….I will not be bribed but on the other hand I can be influenced……

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