Announcing a new blogger award- the "warnie"

Announcing a new blogger award- the "warnie" January 18, 2005

I have often thought that prominent bloggers have a responsibility to help deserving bloggers from what is often called the “tail” get there share of the limelight. My only problem has been starting to recognize that this blog now falls into that group. Jollyblogger my partner in crime has said some very kind words about the part a link frenzy on my blog had in lifting his to the point where it is in the top 15 blogs in the blogdom of God ranked by link popularity. Actually I believe his blog would have got there sooner or later anyway but someone has to “discover” the next clutch of “power bloggers”, and perhaps in jollybloggers case that someone was me. I still rate his blog more highly than my own and am sure he will continue to rise through the ranks. Actually I am convinced that the growth in the popularity of this blog has been significantly influenced by the partnership that we have forged.

People often forget that blogs all need each other. The prominent well read blogs are only there because many smaller blogs link to them. Together the thousands of less well read blogs have more power than any single blogger- even instapundit.

Highlighting blogs we like and linking to posts we like is every bloggers way of giving back something to the blogging community.

Today I announce my latest iniative to give a little back “the warnies”. I will issue a warnie whenever I feel that a particular blog or blogpost is worthy of special honor. Entrys should be via email and I will also pick blogs that I have found in my tavels and feel are worthy of special honor.

Also, please feel free to send me an email which includes the text of a post on your blog which I might be interested in, include a permalink. May the best bloggers win

Code for those winners who want to incorporate awards and/or lists of other winners can be found here.

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