Announcing another NEW Aggregator for the emergent church/neo-liberal debate

I have discovered there are quite a few blogs out there addressing some of this issues I have recently picked up on here. Whether the new movements represent emerging church or neo-liberalism is vitally important. I am very keen that we all interact and discuss each other’s posts.

Thus, yes you guessed it we have another new aggregator for your delight!

If you know of any blogs on either side of this discussion that should be in let me know by email….

O and by the way if you are on blogspot here is an Atom 0.3 to RSS 1.0 converter for you which will give you a valid XML feed to submit to the aggregators of your choice.

Blogs have been selected to appear in this aggregator because they from time to time discuss the Emergent Church or other movements to modify traditional Evangelical thought. Blogs who welcome emergent thought uncritically and those who call some of its proponents “neo-liberals” will both be considered for inclusion. Any blog may request to be included in this aggregator or removed by emailing

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