British Blasphemy Corporation – lets do something about it!

Its important to pause for a moment before you hit the delete key. As you can guess when I first saw this in my email box I was conviced it was yet another hoax alert. It isn’t. We CAN do something about it.

BBC2 plans to broadcast Jerry Springer’s “The Opera”, immediately after Christmas. This musical, notorious for containing over 8000 expletives, depicts the characters of Jesus, Mary and God as self-centred sexual deviants who give and receive extreme verbal abuse and a horrific series of blasphemies, all in the name of comedy. The artistic director admits that it is a deliberate attack on good taste and the BBC concedes that the intended broadcast “pushes back the boundaries of taste and decency”. Nevertheless, the show is scheduled to be transmitted without any cuts.

If you strongly disagree with the BBC’s plans to broadcast this material (and I honestly believe you will disagree). Please register your feelings with the BBC, this does make a difference – 500 calls are considered as a very significant complaint, so I am sure we can do this!!!!!!!!!

Email: or Tel 08700 100222

Please forward this message to as many people as possible, because time is of the essence as the 8th Jan gets nearer. Let us also pray for the material that is now being presented as entertainment on the BBC, and let us make a difference by being salt and light.

If this concerns you as it does me, a call to the BBC, a mention on your blog if you have one, and an email to both the BBC and other Christian friends would be helpful.

Lets utilise the Bloggers famous “swarm” ability to have this cancelled. If this was about Mohammed it would never be allowed.

Just in case you still think this is a hoax, the following quotes come from the BBC review of the stage show which was filmed for this.

Jerry, in a delirious dream, is taken down to Hell, which he really doesn’t want to do as it would be a sideways step in his career. This is a great excuse for some stage pyrotechnics. In Hell he is made to present a show where his guests are Satan, Jesus, Adam & Eve, Mary and God. This is where the show has come in for some criticism for blasphemy. Indeed the Jerry Springer Show declined to invest in the opera because they objected to its language, and sexual and religious content.

The Programme is due to be aired on the 8th January. We have 6 days to raise a storm of protest to get this off the air.

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