My right to choose?

Imagine the scene. You are driving home down a country road at a reasonable speed. Trees line the road on either side their branches swaying in the wind.

A young woman steps out in front of the car. You begin to break. Your car slows. Everything seems to hang in mid air like a scene from the Matrix. You realise you are not going to stop. You have a choice. Hit the woman and almost certainly kill her? Or swerve and hit one of those trees that moments earlier seemed so pretty.

You know if you hit the tree you will be injured, possibly seriously. But the young woman will not benefit from an airbag. You are confident that you will not die. You know if you hit her she will die.

Do you swerve? Should you swerve? Is it even an option not to swerve? What should the law do to you if you don’t swerve?

There is no real choice in this story. Any decent person would put themselves out and even at risk of physical injury when the benefit is to spare even a strangers life.

How then is it that society has become so warped that women feel under pressure to take the lives of their own unborn children?

They didn’t swerve.

They weren’t willing to put themselves out to save the life of another human. There is no way of dressing it up to make it more pleasing to the ear.

Abortion kills. We want it to stop.

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