The Blogdom of God top 15

They say cream always rises to the top (but then they also say so do the impurities in molten metal!) Here is a list of the top blogs in the Blogdom of God listed on my sidebar as we speak.

I have listed the top 15, and they are ranked in order of the number of other sites (christian and not) that link to them at Truth Laid Bear.


We all know and love this repubican radio talk show host, blogger and author. If you havent got his book on blogging yet then where have you been?


A philosopher through and through this site can get slightly curious as its two contributors often disagree on religious matters. I have begun to cross swords with these folk in a friendly way and I suspect there is more to come.

3.One Hand Clapping

The first of the milibloggers and also preachers.

4.In the Agora

The home of Josh Claybourn and his friends, much beloved by Christian bloggers and our first lawyer (instapundit eat your heart out!)

5.New Trommetter Times

The first of the list that I rarely read, but I keep coming across links to him and have just added his feed to the aggregator so I am sure that will change.

6.Wittenberg Gate

Inspired by Luther this is one to watch and on the rise rapidly.

7.Adrian Warnock’s UK Evangelical Blog

What can I say? Except thank you to all my readers and especially those who have linked to me.

8.Jubilee Church Enfield Chingford and Waltham Forest North London UK

My church’s website which must be really popular with bloggers for some reason I am not sure about. Perhaps its the online sermon collection.

9.Patriot Paradox

Nick is a man of great energy, passion and full of fantastic ideas. The Christian Carnival and the King of the Blogs are just two of them.

10. Brutally Honest

He will interview you if you want although with a name like that I am not sure I want to queue up!

11.Wittenberg Gate

The first double entry!

12. SmartChristian Blog

Run by an “Adjunct Professor of World Religions” he’s gotta be smart I guess.

13. Aaron

I got into such trouble for allowing this guy who described himself as a christian-friendly Jew into the Blogdom of God. But we aren’t a church or anything, and have no docrtinal statement so he is in- after all he links to everyone in the Blogdom which is more than most! At the moment his blog ranking is in sharp decline as he has stopped posting for now.

14. JOLLYBLOGGER – a weblog for jolly beggars

Why this blog isnt higher in the rankings I cannot tell- he is a much better blogger than I and my favorite of all blogs out there.

15. Mark A. Kilmer’s Political Annotation

Well not surprisingly this complets the top 15 with another right-leaning mainly political blog. As far as I can tell I am the only blog in that top 15 which is not both American and Republican. I wonder why that is.

Thanks for letting me into what is still the very American world of blogging, when America gets a cold the UK sneezes so it will come more fully over here also- you will see. At least I don’t get quite so many blank looks these days when I talk about blogs- most of my British friends have heard of them. When we start having more international collaberation in the blogosphere is when it will really start to get even more interesting.

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