The second "warnie" award ceremony

Tonight at the second “Warnie” award ceremony the tension is hanging in the air. Who will receive the award? Looking slightly uncomfortable in the spotlight our host shuffles from foot to foot. If a pin was to drop then the noise would resound throughout the auditorium. Looking slightly embarassed Adrian begins the announcement:

“Tonight, we are here to honor the unsung heroes of the blogosphere. These are the bloggers that are tipped for the top. These are the bloggers you are going to want to read again and again. They belong in your blogroll, and in your newsreader, and most of all links to their posts should over-run your blogs. I give you tonights winners, both of whom deserve great acolade across the Christian Blogosphere…..”

So the winners of tonights Warnies, in joint first place are

21st Century Reformation and Tim Challies

When asked the reasons for his choice Adrian said “The 21st Century Reformation does a fantastic job of looking at how the church should look in 2005, and I have found absolutely no evidence that he is a neo-liberal. Tim is a man every writer should either dread, bribe or at least send a free book to. He is a tough but fair book reviewer who also finds time to write fantastic blog posts like his one on information overload earlier today. These two guys really ought to be read much more than they are currently”

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