Is the simple gospel really calvinism?

Ales Rarus has now made himself really clear. I can understand what he is saying, but struggle to recognise it as Biblical. You see, Ales seems to have understood instinctively what many an Arminian has tried to deny- if we accept that man really has a totally free will, that gives man some of the credit for his salvation and also makes it insecure. I am not happy with that concept.

His points are logical, but I beg to disagree with what he goes onto say:-

“# God gave man free will so that we might choose freely to love Him.
# Faith is a product of grace, which is given by God. We must be open to receiving that grace. If grace is irresistible, then we have imperfect free will.
# We must accept Jesus Christ by our own free will and live by His commandments.
# By opening ourselves to grace through faith, we become members of the elect who shall receive eternal life.
# That membership is not permanent. If it were, then grace is irresistible and we consequently have imperfect free will.
# Therefore, there are choices we can make (i.e sins we can commit) that separate us from God and remove us from the company of the elect.
# Like Paul, we must work out our salvation with fear and trembling and strive to finish the good race.
# God gives us sustaining grace, spiritual sustenance if you will, if we ask for it and through sacraments.”

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