Know your denominations and church groupings: newfrontiers

Pseudo-Polymath asks for an explanation of what it is that leads to us having divisions in the body of Christ. I thought I would spend a few moments explaining what it is about the family of churches I am a part of newfrontiers that draws me to be so glad to be a part of it.

It is a FAMILY- not so much a denomination as a relationship based group of churches who work together and build team both within individual churches and between groups of churches. I love being cared for an having a part to play in caring for others.

It is EVANGELICAL- yes I am not ashamed of that word since I passionately believe in the gospel despite modern attempts to redefine it. We are desctibed as together on a mission, and that mission thrills me. Knowing I can play a small part in changing the world is great! Seeing people become christians is one of the best rewards of my life.

It is BAPTIST in that only believers are immersed on confession of faith.

It is BIBLICAL in doctrine and practice- too many churches jettison the bits of the bible they dont like. My creed is the bible, and I love the submissive attitude to scripture moulding our beliefs and practices. So the bible speaks of teams of elders leading churches- then we will have teams of elders leading our churches. So the bible speaks of men who move between churches planting and strengthening-then we will have them too.

It is filled with some GODLY MEN who I love to follow and inspire me. The chief of these is a man called Terry Virgo. I defy anyone to read his biography without being inspired by this humble servant of God

It is CHARISMATIC in experience believing that the gifts are for today

It is optomistic about the future of the church believing in the RESTORATION of Christ’s bride.

It is REFORMED in its doctrine stressing grace and the sovereignty of God

It is INFORMAL in its structure striving not to simply be another denomination

In short, I don’t know of any other group that shares all those characteristics (Sovreign Grace is probably closest) and I for one am very glad to be part of it. Of course I recognise unity with our other brothers and sisters and have learnt so much from others from other streams. But I for one have joined myself to this stream and am sure I will flow in it for many years to come if not my whole life. Theres simply no where else I’d rather be.

I guess I could write about other groupings and denominations, but I think it would be great if people in them could do so in a similar post to this one.

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