And the winner of the next Warnie blogging award is…..

Scotwise is a regular commentator here, who’s wisdom in the comments hides the fact that on his own blog he is one of those bloggers who are wise enough to realise there are people who can say things much better than him. In Scotwise’s case the real wisdom comes from a peppering of fantastic quotes from mostly dead christian preachers and missionaries. Sadly these days the quality of being already dead seems to make your christian writing more likely to be a good inspiring read. Anyway, it is with great pleasure that I announce that I have awarded Scotwise a place in the Warnie award winners aggregator and blogroll of fame.

A warnie is quite an exclusive award, and I am pleased to mention the fact that one of the first winners allthings2all has risen the ranks of the ecosystem and has been consistently above my own blog for some time. Despite what some people may think of this old blog promoter, it actually brings me great joy that allthings is doing so well- I only hope she continues to remember me as his blog rises to further greatness!

To include the Warnie Winners blogroll on your site, simply copy and paste this code. If you find a blog in your view worthy of a warnie let me know (I am particularly intersted in people wanting to nominate someone ELSES blog!)

Disclaimer: These awards are wholy and entirely subjective and simply represent MY opinion about a blog that I believe is up and coming, and deserves a larger audience or just that I quite simply LIKE!

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