Unveiled Face's Warnie Acceptance speech

Unveiled Face: responding to his surprise warnie award:

“Before saying anything else I should confess that once upon a time (i.e. quite recently), I would have added this to my collection of self-esteem-boosting stuff stored up in my brain. However, it is a testimony to Christ’s transforming work that I can use this opportunity to truly thank God for all blessings – including this kind of encouragement 🙂

I really do appreciate the response to these posts, and I also hereby guarantee some far more original content in the near future! I think that God has blessed us with an amazing gift in communications technology, which is also such a potential curse – the Internet has sucked up so much of my time in meaninglessness over the years, and I pray that I can do some good work with it in the future:”

I know I am going out on a limb with this one, but I just have a hunch about this blog (and it isnt honestly just his taste in blogs to comment on!) But just one point- since when was a preacher EVER the producer of truly “original content”!?!

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