Warnie award shock as 10 day old blog walks away with gong

In amazing turn of events a prestigious blogging award has gone to an outsider who only began blogging TEN days ago!

“Has Adrian lost his mind?” the blogosphere is asking tonight. “Did he have one in the first place?” the detractors may well ask. I can assure you that unlike certain election bloggers no money has chaned hands over tonights award (nor incidently over the recent ESV blogging– although I think I deserve more than a free bible for those efforts!)

The reason for tonights decision which didnt require a conclave or back and white smoke additives is simple- I LOVE this blog. Its not just because he has been very gracious towards me either- although that has got to help of course!

I think I can spot a good blogger on the way up and as a ten-day old blogger, clearly Unveiled Face has a long way to rise through the blogosphere rankings- he is after all still an “insect”.

The guy annouces that he plans to blog on preaching and already he has made some inciteful comments. OK, so several of them have been sparked by things he saw on my own blog, but responding to others posts is what blogging is all about. If only some of the prominent bloggers I could think of would do a little more of finding an idea they like then developing it further the blogosphere would be a richer place.

I want to lay claim to this find, and if as I suspect Unveiled Face faces comes to some degree of popularity in the future- remember you heard of him here first! I love the way he opened his sermon “God glorifying marriage is only possible through understanding the gospel and God-glorifying marriage helps us to understand the gospel” that is almost rich enough to warrant the award on its own!

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