Bloggers: dont do yourselves down

Bloggers: dont do yourselves down May 24, 2005

The Gad(d)about::

“In the blogging world, however, we are all separated by a common audience. Warnock, UK preacher and popular Evangelical blogger, has earned his portion of it. I have not. Warnock writes with authority because he is educated. I attempt to write with authority because I’m foolish and have little better to do.

The whole experience of getting caught up in that ‘blog shower’ was like transitioning from the bleachers to the Indy 500 in my little Nissan Sentra — after one lap I knew it was prudent to just get out of the way. Perception as a spectator changes once you move into the arena of participants. Those cars prove to be a whole lot faster when you’re on the track.”

I feel this is a little bit over-humble. This is written by a journalist who clearly knows how to write, and whoever said I had “earnt” the right to be heard? Like many bloggers I just bumble along saying what I choose and some people like reading it, others no doubt hate it but we all bumble along together.

I loved gadabouts comments and I for one hope he realises that he sure doesnt have to get out of the way but can surf the wave with the rest of us!

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