ESV: Crossway responses to blogospheres comments

Sorry to say I didnt notice this before, but a few days ago the ESV guys posted some replies to the discussion we have been having. Here is the post reproduced in full, so you can comment on it here if you like. The ESV bible blog is as taken over by this interview as mine is so other stuff can get missed. For my blog, if you want to skip the ESV stuff, try hitting the post by date pages at the top- the current June one will be up to date. But then, by now if you wanted to skip the ESV stuff you wouldnt be reading…….

Anyway here is the post

We’ve enjoyed reading the comments and blog posts inspired in part by the recent Translation Oversight Committee answers. We want to respond to some of the comments where we can add clarity.

* Jeremy: Crossway is planning new typesettings of the ESV. We can’t get into details yet, but you can expect an announcement of a new one within the next few months.
* David: The forthcoming in Adrian’s title refers to the recently concluded meeting. The tenses are a little strange because the question was asked before the meeting but answered after it.
* Brian: Though we can’t comment on the future availability of specific editions, you should expect more reference books featuring the ESV over the next few years. The English-Greek Reverse Interlinear New Testament, for example, is coming out October 2005.
* Crossway isn’t affiliated with the Good News Translation. It’s a common point of confusion because Crossway is a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers; the similarity of the names throws people off.”

So change the name already….I think I may have misled some people myself about the supposed link to the Good News Bible. If I have, point me in the right direction and I will correct the original post.

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