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I am the administrator of two communities at the Truth Laid Bear. To join either of them simply send me an email to Please first check you are not a member (use edit find in this page to search for your blog’s name on the relevant page). I can also accept lists of suitable sites.

Please place in the title of your email Blogdom of God additions or UK bloggers additions. Please ensure that you include the URL of any site you wish listed.

If you wish your blog to be removed or have noted that another blog is incorrectly listed, please also send me an email replacing the word additions with removals. Please ensure you include the TITLE as seen at the top of a window containing the site for any site you wish removed.

Other useful sites exist for both communities for which membership is separate.

For the UK group, I recommend you join the UK Blogs aggregator (instructions listed on the page)

For the Blogdom of God, a number of aggregators exist which are themselves aggregated on the Blogdom of God home page. The following are links to the joining instructions
for some of these.

Evangelical Aggregator
League of Reformed Bloggers
St Blogs Parish (Catholic Blogs)

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