Challies in hot water over Rick Warren apologetics

Tim has interviewed Richard Abanes who spent the second post supporting Rick Warren and the first exposing Harry Potter. Tim has experienced a reaction which has led to him posting on being accused of being a tool of the Devil. The other posts can be found from the one I linked to in the “Related Posts” box.

The kind of response Tim sadly got is why I am building up slowly to posting my thoughts on Rick Warren’s recent UK conference, as well as the fact that I want to mull it over beforehand.

Sadly though, part of the heat in the response may have been caused by some comments that Richard made about John MacArthur. Accusations flying around are not healthy and it seems from pyromaniacs response to this interview that bad editing from CNN may have contributed to this problem. It is sad when these kind of rows are happening.

Unfortunately it is all too easy to accuse popular preachers of things without doing ones research properly. People, we need to realise that popularity does not equal being a false teacher necessarily and in any case, where someone is trying to serve God we should try and learn to take the good from them!

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