Revelation-the most unpopular book in the NT

Whilst Adrian is on holiday he has asked me to guest blog, so here is my first effort. (I hope it is okay Adrian)

The Book of Revelation must be the least read book in the New Testament.
A lot of Christians have either never read the whole book or having read it once have decided it is too difficult and have thereafter left it well alone.
Yet God considered it so important that he made sure it was included in the canon of Holy Scripture. This should give us a hint that we also should consider it an important book.
Too often people hear that it is ‘too difficult’, ‘you wont understand it’, ‘too much imagery’.
Oh yes, and don’t forget that you do not want to get caught up in all that ‘Pre-Mill’ – ‘Post Mill’ stuff, best just stay away from it.
As a young Christian I heard all these and more and did for a while leave it alone, but then, praise God, I read through the NT 50-60 times over a 5 year period and discovered that 90-95% of Revelation is actually very clear.
God put it there for a reason, just as He did with the rest of Scripture. Read it, pray over it and most important of all, learn from it.

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