"Is God the gospel?" : a controversy stirring online

"Is God the gospel?" : a controversy stirring online September 25, 2005

Perhaps it is the hidden charismatic flavour, but Piper’s newest book God is the Gospel is causing some controversy online- Eternal Perspectives dislikes the book almost as much as I loved it.

Righteous sinner loves the first chapter, and Coffee swirls like me feels convicted of not sufficiently loving the God of the Gospel.

Meanwhile over at parableman, Wink slightly confusingly has both a generally positive review, and a post where he explains he is no longer a Piperite. Incidently Blogotional feels that in a sermon I quoted elsewhere, Piper is attempting to redefine the concept of Holy Spirit Baptism, and is not so sure that this is a good idea. It is fascinating to me to hear Piper sounding like he could almost be a member of a charismatic or pentecostal church like the one I attend!

So what do you think. Is God the gospel?

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