Let the blogwar begin…….

NB- HUMOR ALERT, much if not all of this post should be taken with a wheelbarrow-load full of salt as it is meant to be funny- please do not take offense anyone!

There is a bit of hilarious good-natured banter going on at the moment over in the comments section on Centurion’s post about my poor click-thru rate. He now claims he has still only got NINE hits from a second link on my blog- hardly and instalanche!

Come on people, I know I have a few more readers than that, please follow the link in this post and tell the world you got there from here. My honor and reputation is at stake! The quotes I quote in the rest of this post can be read in full context in the comments on THIS POST WHICH YOU MUST GO AND SEE RIGHT NOW AND LEAVE A COMMENT SAYING YOU CAME FROM HERE!

Let the blogwar begin- who really is the most influential? Is it Challies, pyromaniac or yours truly?

Just to back up a little, as pyromaniac pointed out earlier today I did after all STEAL a poem a few days ago, so probably deserve whats coming my way……

Actually, Centurion seems to have some kind of run-in lately with Challies as well, although it remains far from clear what it was over (links anyone?)

Centurion speaks of Challies “unjust use of power and prestige” – perhaps, like me, he’s sore about not getting one of Challie’s lucky 13 blogroll links! Have you ever met a blogger more tight with his blogroll links than Challies? What ever has a man got to do to earn a blogroll link over there?

Just listen to what Tim says about me….. “Hmm. Good to know. At least I got more people to look than that Adrian guy who thinks he’s such a bigshot.” I suspect that at least part of it with Challies is not wanting to share the toys-sorry- I mean traffic with other well-known bloggers. He really needs to learn how to share- didn’t his mummy teach him anything?

Actually it turns out all is not as depressing as it initially seemed- Kevin Jones sprung to my aid: “In defense of Adrian’s popularity, I think that I got about 40 hits from that same link…

Do go and join in the fun in the comments section over there as, there is also some general ribbing about me being a charismatic that I wont dignify with a response!

incidentally, pyromaniac, unlike Challies obviously knows how to help those who have helped you… he says

Every thing I am or will ever be in the blogosphere, I owe to Adrian Warnock, who launched me to worldwide fame by handing me a Warnie while I was till trying to figure out how to put links on my blogroll. Adrian is THE man, I tell you.

Challies seems to have conveniently forgotten that I gave him a “Warnie” too before he was quite as popular as he is now. So, pyromaniac, you are the man!

Actually, it is a source of some pride to me that at least two previous “Warnie” winners are now probably more popular than I, and I hope that others from that elite group (that incidentally centurion has probably blown any chance of joining!) will achieve the same feat.

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