Announcing two new Warnie Award winners

Every now and then you discover a blog and you think, “why o why wasnt I reading this before?” Today’s warnie award ceremony brings you not one but two of these. Both of these blogs seem to have been touched with the influence of Piper to a greater or lesser extent. Both of these blogs seem to be being linked to in quite a number of places at the moment. Both of them are the rare kind of blogs that I really love that manage to combine theological posts with other “real life” issues and some really personal stuff too.

These are the blogs that the future belongs to in my humble opinion. So, without further ado let me introduce you to tonights winners both well deserving of a place on the Warnies Aggregator and hopefully a closer relationship with this and some of the other Warnie Winning blogs-

Questions and Answers


Justin Taylor of “Between Two Worlds”

Please do congratulate them on your blogs and go visit these wonderful blogs.

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