New warnie winners graphic

Phil has come up with a new warnie award graphic for winners to display on their blogs.- what do you think of it? If previous winners like it and want to place it on their blog the code for the three different sizes of award is at the bottom of this post.

Previous winners of the award are not of course obligated to place the award on their blog, but it is a way for bloggers to direct their readers to the warnie awards aggregator.

If you want to be a warnie winner, or better yet you think someone else deserves to be one then drop me an email explaining why you think that blog would fit with the other recipients of the award.

Big version
<a href=”″><img src=””>
Medium version
<a href=”″><img src=””>
Small Version
<a href=”″><img

For those wanting to incorporate the list of warnie winners onto their
page here is the code-

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"
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