The joys of blogging

There is something gratifiying about blogging. Especially something about marking milestones in the life of a blog. The history of Challies Dot Com is both an encouragement to bloggers who feel no one will ever notice them, and a warning to those of us Challies outs as slackers. Challies advocates daily committment to blogging. My own erratic style probably isnt the best and Challies marks 2 years of not stop blogging by saying: “I know that once I take a day off I will take another and another and soon I’ll be as big a slacker as guys like Jollyblogger, Adrian Warnock or Dan Edelen. And that would be tragic. ”

Challies has also redesigned his blog (much, much better in my view) and as part of that redesign I have been blessed with an acolade that means a great deal to me- not only has he now linked to me, he even included me in his top ten favorite blogs! Since I am often pulling his leg and whilst we have a growing friendship he and I dont always see eye to eye about everything (such as Rick Warren for example!) I am especially honored by this act.

There are few bloggers who’s opinion means as much to me as Tim’s. I hope he and I will both continue to learn through our blogging and may be a blessing to each other. Go visit his blog and enjoy!

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