Lets get some things straight in the charismatic prophecy debate

PyroManiac is a wiley rascal. He is STILL trying to claim that he o so innocently had no thought of cessation in is head when he started his series on modern prophets. But, cessationism is so much part of him that he didnt even need to have the thought in his head for it to come out so clearly to those of us reading his blog! Later on, in his own post the clear truth of his underlying assumptions comes out – he couldnt supress it any more:

So here’s my challenge to those continuationists who insist that the problem of bogus prophecies pales in importance compared to the exegetical issues raised by cessationism: Name one faithful modern prophet whose prognostications are both objectively verifiable and always one-hundred percent accurate. Because that is the biblical standard (Deuteronomy 18:20-22).
If you argue (as most do) that the gifts being practiced today are different in quality from the gifts possessed by the apostles themselves, you are actually arguing for a kind of cessationism yourself. If no one can identify a prophet who meets the biblical standard for basic accuracy, the question of cessationism is essentially moot anyway.

And we seem to have hit the heart of the cause of misunderstanding between charismatic and cessationist. You see, the Deuteronomy text is from the Old Testament and when we come to the New we see a totally different view of prophecy and prophets. Prophecy in the new testament IS described as fallible- 1 Cor 13:20 “For we know in part and we prophesy in part”, and we are urged to test prophecy and hold on to the good of it.

I have already conceded on behalf of all my charismatic blogging friends: WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN CONTINUATION OF 100% ACCURATE PROPHETIC REVELATION. If Phil is ready to join with jollyblogger in conceding that God DOES speak today through fallible impressions to his followers then we almost dont have an argument to have. This is all about definitions in my view……..

If prophecy really was infallible in the New Testament then tell me, how did the Corinthians get into such a mess with it? They really were the first charismaniacs!

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