Bloggers block

It happens to all of us from time to time. Your mind goes blank. Even the thought of picking a fight with the pyromaniac (I still think there is only one REAL pyroman!) cant rouse you. A real blog post is hiding in there somewhere but it just wont come out!

So tell me, what am I going to blog about next? What new subject will grab me. Something inevitably will as it always does. Where will this blogging flow take me next? Where do you WANT it to take me next?

Are there any series that I started and never finished I should revive? Is there any subject that you want to hear what I have to say on (can there be any subjects left is what I ask myself tonight!). Or shall I just hide in a cave somewhere for a while longer and pretend that this bloggers block will last forever and meanwhile let the kids have some more fun?

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