links for 2006-03-27

God or Not is no more…..?
Go tell em you want it to live on, or am I the only theist blogger who is sorry this has passed away?

CJ gets to the very heart of the issue
CJ has laid out the most important questions facing the church today: “What is the gospel? What is the most serious threat to the gospel in the evangelical church today?”

Differing measures and negotioation
David Wayne poses some interesting questions about driving a hard bargain

I am thankful
Mark Dever is grateful – are you?

The heart of the matter
Getting back to the simple gospel. Includes the famous encounter between Simeon and Wesley on calvinism and arminianism

What can be better than the physical presence of Jesus Christ?
“Jesus answers that question clearly and unequivocally. It is better for us to have the Spirit with us than to have Christ present”. Does YOUR theology and experience of the Spirit concur?

Beauty talk
Catez Stevens faces loss of outward beauty and posts on inward beauty.

Some things are true and some things are false.
Spurgeon counters postmodernism when it was called modernism

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