This is John Piper resting?

One of the things that amused me about reading Spurgeon’s life is the crazy projects he undertook whilst “too ill” to preach! It seems that John Piper has a similar approach. I understand that Piper is recovering well from his recent cancer op but this DG News article is an insight into all that goes on in the life of DGM even when Piper is “resting”

“March 1, 2006: John Piper is on sabbatical March 1 July 31. Please pray for him as he rests, studies, and writes. Although John Piper will not be preaching new sermons or writing new Fresh Words during this time, we will continue adding new content to our site. We are working to post the audio version for all 25 years of sermons online by the time John Piper returns, and we will introduce archived sermon manuscripts that have not previously been posted online. Also John Piper will occasionally send short audio updates for our web audience as well as a few short excerpts from the new book that he will be writing.”

He will of course also be preaching at T4G in that time as well!

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