Time to acknowledge my helpers and announcing MLJ Monday

I thought today that it was about time I recognised publicly 2 people who have been behind the scenes in the last couple of weeks helping me with this blog. I now have two unpaid “Research Assistants” who are proving to be worth at least evey penny I have paid them! OK, they are worth a lot more than that!

The first of these two noble helpers should be well known to most of you – the author of a great Reformed Charismatic blog Paul Schafer is an all round good bloke whos serious addiction to listening to sermons is being put to good use. Paul has provided a number of the audio links, especially the collected pages I am linking to. He has also begun to help by sending me useful links and searching for material on specific subjects for me. Thanks a lot Paul, you are fast becomming a real friend!

Annette Harrison on the other hand is a new name to most – she is a new phenomenum as far as I can tell – a blog reader who feels the urge to help produce material for a blog whilst not wanting to start one of her own. She is helping me in more ways than you know or than she wants me to let you know, but lets just say she is using all her skills to my advantage. What I can say is that her newfound passion for Lloyd-Jones has led to her being very willing to help me find those half-remembered Doctor quotes from the distant past when I read so many of those books on loan from the Evangelical library. She is even planning on working with me to emmulate Phil Johnson’s Spurgeon Monday with my very own “MLJ Monday”.

Every monday from now on, I plan on devoting this blog to material from The Doctor. What better way to acknowledge my debt to him? What better material for us all to benefit from? If you want to read the puritans distilled reading Lloyd-Jones, Spurgeon and Piper is the way to go!

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