Exclusive: Challies Takes a Bribe

After extenstive research, I am sorry to have to break an exclusive story about my blogging buddy Tim Challies.
Perhaps you have noticed that Tim recently began to list sponsors on his website in a move that he always said he wouldn’t do – it was this act that first alerted me to the fact that things were changing over in Challiesland.
Recently, I can exclusively reveal, he has become more and more desperate for money following his house-move.
I can only assume that it is this that led him to take the shameful action which I am reluctantly revealing to the blosphere today.
Large number of Christians read Tim and they have a right to know the truth.

Faith in the goodness of a simple blogger like Tim will be rocked by this revelation.

On condition that they could vet his final post, I can now reveal that T4GB friends Mahaney, Mohler, Dever, and Duncan invited Tim to an exclusive interview opportunity whilst he was at the Shepherds Conference.
Our heroes invited Tim to join them in Mahaney’s hotel room after one of the evening sessions.
Larger-than-life Dever admitted to Tim in a rare moment of honesty that he was actually faking T4GB blog posts by his buddies – just as Challies was speaking of revealing the charlatan online, Mahaney came back from the bar and offered him a substantial bribe to keep quiet, which Tim accepted.

For how much was our hero willing to loose his integrity?
One thousand US dollars.
Only Challies knows how he can live with his conscience.
Little honest bloggers will unite in disappointment to learn this today of all days!

It seems Tim has retired from the blogosphere in disgrace, whilst another blogger has confirmed my allegations of ghost writing over at T4GB. A campaign to save Challies.com from cybersquatters has begun…..

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