What is a Link Troll?

Sometimes I really wonder about the future of the Christian blogopshere. It seems that according to Phil and Centurion I have committed the crime of “trolling” for links. Now, of course, once again I think it is highly probable that these wild accusations were made tongue-in-cheek, so I am being careful not to respond with a massive “HUH?”

I checked; I have never used the term ‘troll’ on this blog before, and quite frankly, I have no clue what it means or why my friends would use it of me for simply asking nicely for a link! This is what wikkipeadia has to say on what a troll is:

For many people, the characterising feature of trolling is the perception of intent to disrupt a community in some way. Inflammatory, sarcastic, disruptive, or humorous content is posted, meant to draw other users into engaging the troll in a fruitless confrontation. The greater the reaction from the community the more likely the user is to troll again, as the person develops beliefs that certain actions achieve his/her goal to cause chaos. This gives rise to the often repeated protocol in Internet culture: “Do not feed the trolls.”

Or what about this one?

To “troll” means to allure, to fish, to entice, or to bait.

Internet trolls are people who fish for other people’s confidence and, once found, exploit it. Trolls are various in nature, and the type of damage they do ranges greatly, such as:

Cause irritation to others

Disrupt an email list or online group

Steal money

Obtain credit card details

Build false hopes

Abuse children

Well, let me just say, this blog is a troll-free zone! I promise never to accuse anyone of anything simply for sending me a nice polite “heads-up” email.

But I’m not offended–honest! I have come to the conclusion that both of them were just flattered I was asking for a link and decided it would be fun to pull my leg!

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