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Challies Announces He’s Writing His First Book

Tim Challies told readers of his blog today that he has signed on with Crossway Books to write a volume tentatively titled “The Discipline of Discernment.” In his announcement he said, “It will be written for the ‘thoughtful general reader’ (i.e. people like you and me) and will lead Christians with what I hope and trust will be helpful, biblical teaching about spiritual discernment.” The projected date of publication is slated for late 2007 or early 2008.

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Drinking Deeply: Some Thoughts on Spiritual Gifts

A college student named Mickey, located in California, weighs in on the Warnock/Phillips debate.

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[In one] of Dan’s postings in this debate series with Adrian, he refered to those who may be offended by his ideas as being “madder than wet cats”. Well, I don’t know if “mad” is the word that describes me, but I do feel compelled to vigorously respond to Dan, so I guess I do consider myself in the “wet cat” category.”

Somehow this one got past me. Two articles by Greg Wertime over at “Church on the Liminal Fringe” were posted earlier in August in which he provides his commentary between that of Dan Phillips and myself. Here are the links to both articles.

Church on the Liminal Fringe: Commentary from a wet cat part I

Church on the Liminal Fringe: Commentary from a wet cat part II

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“The main reason for people not believing in God is the behaviour of people who do believe in God. I am fed up with the disgraceful quarrelling among Anglicans when they should be addressing major world questions. I suppose there was a bit of anger and swearing, but I get worked up in the pulpit and I get quite lively. Dogmatism is destroying the reasonableness and realism of religion.”

So says David Jenkins, one of Britain’s most controversial figures, and former Bishop of Durham. In response, Al Mohler writes, “So there you have it — orthodox Anglicans have caused the retired bishop to curse. And it’s the conservatives who, he insists, are “destroying the reasonableness and realism of religion.”

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Mike Young Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moments

Some guys can reveal ANYTHING! For a look at some pretty “bad” moments, and pretty hilarious too, take a wander over to Wilderness Voice.

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