FACEBOOK – Resistance is Futile

At the current rate of growth I guess everyone on the planet will eventually have a facebook account! I have had one for a while, and a number of you my lovely readers have been kind enough to make me your friends. I know that during my “light month of blogging” in August I shouldn’t get too sucked into the world of facebook. But it has been fun. And resistance is futile – we will all be assimilated.

So, for the one or two of my readers who are not already in facebook get yourself an account pop over to my facebook profile page and ask me to be your friend. Then, download the “Compare People” application and do something quick to stop Bret and Alex Harris carrying away ALL the awards between them. So far, among my friends Alex is most powerful, most famous, prettiest, sexiest, most likely to succeed whilst Bret is hardest worker, most cuddly, most attractive, most kiss-able,most dateable! This cannot be right and should not be allowed to continue!

UPDATE –  Well done furious “compare people” users.  Alex at least has already been bumped from the awards section.  Poor guy though, as his brother is still there!

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