INTERVIEW – Al Mohler, Part Six

It is a real pleasure to welcome to my blog again today, Dr. Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler should need no introduction to most of my readers, but I include a link to his
biography for any who need to know more, as well as a link to my Together for the Gospel Conference Round Up Post.

This interview is being serialised over several days. So far I have published parts one, two, three, four, and five. Today we discuss the future ramifications of Together For the Gospel.

In light of your experience in Together for the Gospel, have you guys given any thought to how you can foster such partnerships for the Gospel based on real friendships at a local level? Is there any way to create, if you like, local bands of brothers who come together in the way you guys have? Some have suggested some way of either making a list of attendees public or creating a list of churches or individuals who hold to the “T4G” ethos – is that something you have in mind?

Dr. Mohler
That is certainly something we hope to see develop. We are looking closely at mechanisms for helping persons associated with this movement to identify each other and establish local or regional relationships. The actual mechanism for doing that is something we are considering very carefully.

I think it was Mark that spoke of not wanting to create another organization – have you any thoughts about how to avoid that, or do you think it is almost inevitable that your friendships will spark something more concrete?

Dr. Mohler
We certainly do not want to create another organization—I have been fairly emphatic in trying to make that point. The evangelical landscape is littered with organizations that have taken on something of a life of their own. We do not want to create anything that would seek to perpetuate itself and to outlive its usefulness. On the other hand, since our movement, if this is the right word to describe Together for the Gospel, is based in prior relationships, we see the relational aspects as far more important than the institutional representation.

How do you guys all feel about the response that has been seen to Together For the Gospel – did you predict that it would be this successful and capture the minds and hearts of so many poeple?

Dr. Mohler
We were confident that there were many pastors and young Christians headed for the pastorate who shared many of these common concerns and a desire to see a healthy, happy, and hopeful direction charted for a Gospel movement. But, we would all have to admit, we were overwhelmed by the response to the conference. Taking the point even further, we were overwhelmed by the spirit of those who attended the conference. This was a truly humbling experience for us.

Why do you think Together for the Gospel was so successful?

Dr. Mohler
I hope this represents the blessing of God upon the pastors of churches. Our hope is that the movement, growing out of the conference, will be a genuine source of encouragement. If that defines success, then we are thankful to be successful.

One of my readers asked, “When are we going to have a Together for the Gospel England” – do you have any response for them?

Dr. Mohler
Well, we are certainly honored by the interest among our brothers in England and Great Britain. This is something we would certainly want to consider as we look to the future. At the same time, there are many capable leaders in Great Britain who have a much keener sense of what is most urgently needed there.

Continued in Part Seven . . . .

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