READERS CHALLENGE – Spurgeon's Prediction of a Future Revival

I have a clear memory from a number of years ago of reading a sermon by Spurgeon in which he broke off into an extended passage in which he predicted what he believed would happen in the church in the UK. I remember that he spoke of a period when the Evangelical faith would almost seem to be vanquished. He went on to predict, however, that a future significant move of God would occur that would dwarf anything he had ever seen.

My problem is that I cannot remember anything about the actual words he used, nor about the passage he was preaching on!

I therefore want to set you my readers a challenge. Can anyone shed any more light on this quotation and provide a source and, ideally, the actual wording? Phil Johnson is allowed to reply, but I will hold his comment in the approval queue to give some others a chance – if, in fact, he makes one, given his current blogging interlude.

I suspect that Spurgeon may have spoken in a similar vein more than once, so feel free to keep posting, even if someone has already shared something. If you can’t work my comment system, feel free to send me an e-mail at:

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