The Love of God Poured Out

The Love of God Poured Out February 5, 2007
Have you experienced something like this? Does reading this make you long for more? If so, join me in crying out to God that we, too, might experience the love of God poured out into our hearts to this extent.

Suddenly I felt my heart melting within me like wax before a fire, and love to God for my Saviour. I felt also not only love and peace, but a longing to die and be with Christ. Then there came a cry into my soul within that I had never known before — Abba, Father! I could do nothing but call God my Father. I knew that I was His child, and He loved me and was listening to me. My mind was satisfied and I cried out, Now I am satisfied! Give me strength and I will follow Thee through water and fire.”

– Howell Harris

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