A Big Blogspotting Thank You!

A few weeks back I promised a blogspotting post for all those who kindly linked to me at my new address. Many of you have, but I could still use a bit more help if Google is going to realize I have fully moved. Don’t feel you have to change old links as the redirects are working, but any links to the new site at http://adrianwarnock.com/ would be much appreciated, and I will definitely be doing more blogspotting posts as my way of saying thank you.

I have used Technorati to find these posts as Google Blogsearch seems to be missing lots of blogs at the moment. If you want to get listed on Google Blogsearch, may I recommend that you run your blog’s feed through http://www.feedburner.com/, which will also promote your blog to other sites at the same time. Incidentally, I am enjoying the new integrated stats that are available there, which report site stats and feed stats at the same time.

Now on to blogspotting. First up, I can’t remember ever winning any kind of award for blogging until now. So imagine my thrill to see that I had made it into the Evangelical Outpost’s Top 100 Christian Blogs! There are some other great blogs in the list, including the fabulous Reformed Chicks Blabbing.

Bigalabamaguide links to my series on the atonement, as does The Way of the Pilgrim, and A Brick in the Valley is thankful for “atonement” blogging. Henry asks if we are Fighting the Devil or Suppressing the Mind? One of my regular commenters asks, PS Doesn’t Matter: Hyperbole or Understatement? Other bloggers link to Terry Virgo On the Results of the Cross, Spurgeon on the atonement, and C. J. Mahaney on the atonement.

Andrew Fountain interviewed me. The Cahaba Newsletter linked to a couple of my posts. The Simple Pastor reports that he was Refreshed and Recharged by TOAM07, and Mark Heath enjoyed it too, as did another blogger who says, “But where do I start?Bluefish is thinking about hearing God’s voice in light of TOAM07. Ed was there for the one day I wasn’t. Blogministry links to my Terry Virgo interview. Andy Cottingham’s Blog has several posts on the conference and my coverage. It’s My Life was Enjoying Brighton.

GFP linked to my post about George Whitfield and the Lewis Revival. Bene Diction believes I show most of the characteristics of Authoritarian Personalities, and Mayday might agree. Jakob Nielsen is rather more complimentary.

Quick Hits :: 07.11.07 linked to my report on ESV sales quadrupling in the past two years. My post “Partying for Jesus” caused more controversy than I expected.

Ref21 were pleased to be awarded a “Warnie”. Eklesia linked to an old post connected to Church Membership and Different Views of Baptism, and another old post got a link in Blogging Principles.

Other posts since my move which have linked to me include the following. (Sorry if I’ve left anyone out!)

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