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I am thrilled to be able to bring you live-blogging from this year’s Together On A Mission Conference, which will run from the 10-13 July. This year the conference is fuller than it has ever been before, and will apparently be running an overflow venue.

One of the strengths of Tim Challies’ live-blogging of Christian conferences is the perspective he brings to many of these conferences as a visitor. For me, TOAM is practically my second home. I have been going to Newfrontiers conferences since 1979, and have missed very few of the conferences held since then.

This year I introduce a new feature to my live-blogging coverage — a special guest blogger to share the load and provide the perspective of someone who is attending his very first Newfrontiers conference.

I will introduce you to my guest blogger tomorrow. In the providence of God, I will now not be able to attend the first day of the conference, so my friend will bring you coverage of the first three sessions, in addition to giving us some newcomer insights throughout the rest of the week.

If you are going to be at the conference, or will be doing some blogging yourself, why not leave a comment here, or link to this post to help us track who is writing about the conference. We will be providing link posts to round up some of the response to this conference around the blogosphere.

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