TOAM07 – Updates From the Blogosphere

I have now arrived in Brighton from the United States and will be reporting shortly on my impressions of the Together on a Mission conference. In the meantime, I’d like to share reports from other blogs as they appear.

The first is from Andy reports that there are 5,000 attending from 50 nations. He confirms Andrew Fountain’s impression that yesterday’s sessions were outstanding:

“I could discuss the excellent teaching from Stephen van Rhyn (I used to share an office with Stephen in Cape Town) or Rob Rufus from Hong Kong. Terry Virgo was magnificent teaching from Joshua 1. I don’t need to tell you about these guys as you can download the talks for FREE from the Newfrontiers webs site – give it a few days, most of the talks haven’t happened yet.

I would rather, then, talk about why this is such an enjoyable experience. Newfrontiers conferences are more like family gatherings. The title, “Together on a Mission,” is no corporate catch-line. It really feels like doing something great with your friends.

Having been part of all this for decades now and having served in various nations, the thrill of being with so many genuine friends working hard for the vision of a glorious church and to see the ends of the earth reached is truly wonderful.”

Read the complete report.

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