Out of the Mouths . . .

We had a lot of fun with our American visitors over the weekend. Some of my kids and I went to London with them on Saturday. We visited St Paul’s, the Westminster area, and the Tower of London, which we reached by boat. It was a great day, whose highlight for me was surely the following quotes:

Tamasin—”Why did you come all the way from America to look at all these dead people when there are plenty of living ones in our country as well?”

Henry—”That statue over there is supposed to be an angel! More like a demon, showing off its breasts like that. Disgusting!”

Tamasin and Henry of Darwin’s tomb—”What’s he doing in a church? Surely he’s not welcome here?!?”

Charis—My legs are all shaky (after climbing up then down St. Paul’s 400+ stairs).

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