Disney's Hollywood Studios (Previously MGM)

On Tuesday we visited Disney’s answer to Universal Studios. It’s not as big as its rival, but has lots of rides and shows. Fantasmia lived up to its reputation at the end of the day. The Tower of Terror set a mildly horror-based scene which was an irritating distraction to the real basis of the ride—a crazy, randomly generated sequence of rapid rises and drops in a demented elevator. It was a real hit and the ride that we have repeated the most times (except for the Universal roller coasters). The best thing about it is that it was a new ride each time we rode it and therefore you couldn’t predict when you were going to plunge or be launched with equal violence!

The Rocking Rollercoaster is good, but not as scary as any of the top three Universal ones. We enjoyed the backlot tour, and some of the shows—especially the two stunt shows and the Star Wars ride, which was surprisingly rough.

We only needed one Fastpass during the whole day, which was for the roller coaster. The lines were short, perhaps partly because of the rain, which didn’t put us Brits off. Tamasin said, “Now I don’t feel as homesick!”

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