Home Again!

We’re home again! The reunion was sweet, although the three of us are rather tired. I worked today, while both Henry and Tamasin spent some time sleeping. Unfortunately, none of us slept a wink on the plane!

This was the longest I’ve been away from my dear wife, and the longest I have been in America. We even found ourselves talking about “restrooms” and “strollers” and “pacifiers”—words for which most of my English friends would need an interpreter. Sadly I gained about 3 kg. during the last two weeks, so I’m afraid I was right about the poor diet I would likely be subjecting myself to. We wanted quick food, so that meant fast food, and on a few occasions, “eat as much as you like” deals. So all that walking didn’t do any good—thanks, I guess, to all those hot dogs and “freedom fries”! I missed our own English chips—which have nothing to do with either what Americans call “chips” OR what they call “fries.” Our chips are apparently like American steak fries or pub fries, and oddly, that was one of the first foods I craved on my return home! Far superior in taste, but probably equally as fattening. It’s now time to revise my food intake habits, I suspect!

I’ll share a couple more videos, and maybe a few more photos and reflections, but for now I’m about to go to bed in an effort to stave off the jet lag that is likely to hit me like a brick when tomorrow morning I have to start work at what will feel like 4 a.m. to my body!

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