Wet n' Wild in Orlando, Florida

We learned an invaluable lesson today about vacations in Florida. You really can’t do it all, and you actually don’t want to. Having spent a stimulating and enjoyable day at Universal Studios yesterday, we took someone’s advice and decided to have a day at a waterpark before hitting Islands of Adventure tomorrow. The idea of a less full day in-between parks is very sensible.

On the way into the park, we were feeling excited, and only mildly apprehensive at the sheer height of the slide rides. We made a plan to go on all of them one-by-one. That plan evaporated when we got up close to some of the rides. We loved the ones we did go on, including one that took the three of us together in a “boat thing” and dropped us down a steep slide. We planned not to scream, since being stiff, upper-lipped English people it seemed somehow inappropriate. All three of us kind of screamed in a not totally terrified way on the way down, however, as we just couldn’t help ourselves! So much for being among the stiff upper-lipped English!

Sadly I have to report that I was one of many guests who just couldn’t bring myself to be shut into an area which looked disturbingly like a coffin, and then have the floor disappear from under my feet, dropping me vertically onto a ridiculously fast slide. My embarrassment at knowing I’d have to admit my fear to you was outvoted by some deep-wired self preservation drive that told me I was far too high up to throw myself down, or let someone else do so, even if there was a slide there! So, I have to admit that I didn’t do even the “easier” version of that terrifyingly fast and high slide! I turned back and walked the walk of shame down the steps. Tamasin and Henry both did the version without the coffin, so they are officially braver than me.

Anyway, we enjoyed the slides we did do, the wave lagoon, and a “Lazy River” which is basically a set of circular rapids which pushes you around allowing you to pretend you’re able to swim really fast! We also tried unsuccessfully to teach ourselves beach volleyball.

So, after a relaxing day, which offered me much time for quiet reflection while sunbathing, we are all the more ready to hit the serious roller coasters and other rides offered at Universal’s Islands of Adventure tomorrow.

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