The Conference Season is Upon Us

The 2008 conference season is upon us. If you haven’t finalized your plans to attend conferences, you had better move quickly as many of them are set to sell out as they did last year.

I will be attending two conferences, and will be live-blogging both of them. The first is a brand-new conference called New Word Alive. This runs from the 7th to the 11th of April.

In addition to reporting on the sessions, I will be recording video interviews with John Piper, Don Carson, and Terry Virgo. If you have had any questions you have always wanted to ask one of those giants of the faith, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will consider asking it. I may also interview one or two other people at the event if time permits.

A limited number of cancellations have apparently been received, so at the last minute you may be able to squeeze into an event that sold out very quickly. If you are going to be there, do look out for me and say “Hi”—it’s always nice to meet readers in the flesh.

The second conference I am attending is Together on a Mission, a Newfrontiers conference where Mark Driscoll will be speaking. Brighton Conference Centre and the surrounding hotels are filling up very fast, so move quickly if you want to come. It is definitely worth a flight, and many will be joining us from all over the world. This season there are also a number of other Newfrontiers events in the UK and also the USA, as well as elsewhere around the world. If you enjoy this blog, you would love to attend one of these conferences and they are all open to visitors.

There are many other conferences that are available. Together for the Gospel is worth a special mention as registration is only open for a few more days. Also, Tim Challies has a list of other conferences, and if I had time I would love to attend one of the Acts 29 events.
During the next few months my workload also increases as there are a number of conference-like events that I have to attend for my day job. I am also going to be doing a fair bit of preaching at church. So, expect there to be a few occasions where I don’t post quite so regularly. The first of these short hiatuses begins right now. The blog readership has grown lately to such an extent that you might have noticed the current server sometimes bends under the weight. We have taken the plunge and bought a brand new server. At some point in the next few days you should hopefully notice a big improvement in load time and, I trust, an absence of the occasional outages we have been experiencing lately. To make this transfer as smooth as possible for the tech guys, I will not be publishing anything new until the transition is complete.
Have a nice few days, and keep following the links in my Warnie sidebar in the meantime.
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