NWA08 – A Conference Is Born

I can hardly believe it! New Word Alive is suddenly no longer a far off event to which we can look forward, but is now upon us. By the time you read this, all the preparations will have been made and the long car journeys completed. Usually at a conference like this there are two groups of attenders—old hands who feel like they are part of the furniture, and the newbies. This time we are all first-timers since, while New Word Alive has roots in what has gone before, it truly is a new beginning.

We are surely in for a treat. We are fortunate to be looking forward to teaching from John Piper, Don Carson, and others, and our worship times promise to be God-intoxicated. As I think about this event, there is a strong sense in my heart that Christians from a broad spectrum of church backgrounds are being called together for a purpose. We are here for Jesus. We are here to celebrate him and renew our devotion to him. We are here to learn. And we are here to form bonds of fellowship and unity that transcend any differences we may have.

I have always loved conferences, and certain moments in the past have almost felt like a glimpse of heaven. If you are looking for an objective, dispassionate commentary on this event you won’t find it here. Instead, I hope you will join me in celebrating what God will do among us. I’d love to receive e-mails during or after the event sharing what it has meant to you, and I may anonymously publish some of them. Do join me in praying that this will be not just another conference, but a turning point in the lives of many of the attendees and the churches they represent. The United Kingdom needs to be re-evangelized. Surely that can only happen when Christians are taught God’s Word in such a way that it thrills them so much that they want to share it with others. I am confident that this week will be one such opportunity.

I will be writing full reports of the events surrounding New Word Alive all week. I will also be recording live video interviews with Terry Virgo, Don Carson, and John Piper, which will be available here after the event. If you are reading this at the conference do say hi if you see me!

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