Abortion In The UK – Time To Make A Stand

Earlier this week, I posted on Gordon Brown’s antagonism towards pro-lifers. I thought I would remind us of the opportunity that exists for us to do something about the forthcoming law if we live in the UK. There have been 6.7 million abortions since 1967 in the UK.

Here are some things you can do if you live in the UK.

1. PRAY, that God will work a miracle in the House. Emotions run high at the moment in Westminster so anything is possible. Well, actually even our non-British readers can do this for us!

2. FIND OUT MORE about the issues. The following websites are worth visiting

I also preached on the subject of murder and how abortion is simply that a few weeks back.  I also speak of the forgiveness that is available for any who have actually had an abortion themselves.


4. WRITE TO YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT I attach the letter I wrote to my MP. If I get a reply I will share it here. Please do not simply copy and paste my letter, but feel free to use it as a basis to adapt.

Dear MP,

May I begin by thanking your for what I understand has been your voting record in the matter of abortion. As a medical doctor I have been in lectures where it has been openly stated that “every pregnancy is bad for a mothers health” and so therefore they see it is ok to offer social abortions “on demand”. I do not believe that was the intention of the original abortion law. I would therefore ask you that with regard to the forthcoming Embryo bill, you would consider

Voting against the creation of animal/human hybrid embryos. Such a move is not medically necessary as adult stem cell research is productive and it is already possible to create cells that express single human proteins.

Voting against offering permission for IVF doctors to create “saviour siblings” chosen specifically to provide donor tissue to their sick older brother or sister. This devalues the lives of the embryos discarded.

Voting against the removal of the requirement for IVF clinics to consider the need for a father figure when deciding whether to offer treatment. Insufficient work has been done on the psychological impact of being raised without a father figure at least peripherally present in a child’s life. We should not be further undermining the family in this way.

Voting against the removal of the requirement that doctors sign a form stating that an abortion is in the interest of a woman’s health. This requirement should instead by enforced and specific criteria to limit abortion to its original intent should be enacted. In the absence of a total ban on abortion I am in favor of any effort to remedy the current situation where it is available to anyone irrespective of their circumstances.

Voting in favor of the reduction to the term limit for abortion from 24 weeks to 20, saving 2,948 of the 193,000 lives taken by abortion each year in the UK.

I would be happy to speak with you further about any of these issues, and wish you success in your efforts to represent this area.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Adrian Warnock

5. WRITE TO THE PRIME MINISTER Here is what I wrote, but again please adapt this letter to make it personal.

Dear Mr Brown,

I am writing to express my anger and disappointment that you would overturn the tradition that matters of morality are not appropriate for the use of the Whip. I know you have allowed your MPs a free vote on certain amendments of the forthcoming Embryo legislation. I urge you to stop your vocal support of the whole law which is I believe immoral and allow your party the freedom to vote with their conscience. I also urge you to allow more time for the important debates on this matter.


Adrian Warnock

6.  Sign a petition at the Alive and Kicking website or at Number 10 where the following are open

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