One Reason We Celebrate Mother’s Day

For some reason, in the UK we celebrate Mother’s Day in March. Actually, this morning I was surprised to be able to attend a church in the European city I am visiting at the moment. There they celebrated Mother’s Day, as well as Pentecost. The sermon was like a clear trumpet note for the type of experiential Chrisitanity I long for each of us to grow in. At the end, I had the opportunity to share that it seemed to me God was putting a bright future before the church and saying if they would “look at him and do likewise” as Gideon told his small group to do, they would know a season of great blessing.

Anyway, since this is an international blog, and, frankly, you moms deserve at least two days a year, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! The following video is a fantastic summary of what it is in the life of mothers that can leave them feeling somewhat frazzled. Back on our UK Mother’s Day, we showed our church this. You can hear my wife’s reaction and thoughts on being a mum at the beginning of my Mother’s Day sermon.

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