Digital Works of John M. Frame on Logos Bible Software Platform

I’d like to introduce you to the latest addition to my Logos library — The Collected Works of John M. Frame, Volume 1, Theology. For me, the more books I have in my library the better since it increasingly means that I can do all my Bible study without ever opening a book.

Thanks to the fantastic resources of the base collections (available with a 25 per cent discount if you order via my link) and the many commentaries and other books I have collected over they years, I am able to simply open Logos, type a Bible reference into the passage guide search box, and hit “Go.” A wealth of material is returned that helps me after I have done my own work on a passage.

I have customized my results page so that important groups of resources are searched and I can identify what Piper, Lloyd-Jones, and others have to say on a particular verse. Now, of course, Frame will be added to that list.

If you have a growing Logos library you will find Frame’s works fit into it nicely. If you don’t yet own Logos, this is a great place to start. It should be stressed that the DVD will work just fine without any other Logos software, and can therefore be the foundation of what I suspect may become a growing library.

You may not have heard of John M. Frame, but he comes highly recommended. For example, Wayne Grudem says of one of these books that it is

“A magnificent treatment that will be a standard work for decades. Frame stands in the great Reformed tradition of Calvin and Charnock, Hodge and Bavinck, yet in his treatment of the doctrine of God he surpasses them all with an amazing breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding. In every section, Frame brings fresh insight to old doctrines.”

Wayne Grudem
Research Professor, Bible and Theology
Phoenix Seminary

Full details of the amazing collection of books that are available can be found on this Bits and Bytes website page. As always with Logos, when considering the price it is vital to remember that the cost in paper form would be much higher. But I hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the introductory price.

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