TOAM08 – JOIN A CHURCH PLANT in a European City – Prayer Evening Report

It’s very hard to describe in a blog post the combination of a raucous celebration, a fervent prayer meeting, a missions update, and a special offering evening that was the final night of our Leaders Conference. We collected over £1.1 million.

Rather than trying to capture the whole evening I thought I’d speak about just one of the many things that happened. We were told about just some of the European cities where we have brand new church plants that are currently under way or about to start. Then a mighty burst of prayer went up that these would be firmly and quickly established.

If you already live in one of these cities or could move to one of them and want to consider getting involved, please follow the links below. If there is no link yet, please send me an e-mail at and I will forward your mail to the right place. If one of these centers that does not currently have a website eventually gets one, please do let me know. At the end of the list you should see a video introducing the Amsterdam plant.

Amsterdam — See Information Day, Facebook, and Sean Green’s Blog
Dublin — See also Facebook
Paris — See George and Gill Tee’s blog, “Tee Time in Paris

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