US City No. 3 – A Newfrontiers Church in Chicago

No. 3 in the list of top 100 US cities being targeted by Newfrontiers is Chicago. I got a facebook message this week asking me if I knew of a Church there for a student visiting. Incidentally, do feel free to be my friend, join my blog network or even share and comment on my posts over at facebook

I was thrilled to be able to find that there is a newfrontiers church in Chicago. Not just any church either, judging by the website but one that has a clear vision of what they are trying to do judging by the following extract from their website which turned my head.

Yes, we’re unashamedly Christian but don’t freak out and click for something else. Let us tell you our story.

We’re a community of everyday people who want to explore what it means to be a Christ follower in our everyday lives. We’re real. Our faith is real. Our lives are gritty. We don’t have all the answers but we’re not afraid to work it out together – rooted in God’s word. that’s what it’s all about!

We’re a community, a part of the global village. we’re talking deep dish pizza, hummus and pita breads, home baked lasagna, beans and burritos, hot dawgs and sauce. We eat Sunday dinner together as often as we can. We email and call each other during the week to stay in touch and when things aren’t crazy busy we even hook up for a cup of coffee. We celebrate birthdays, go bowling, prepare meals for people in need, play Scrabble, watch movies, housesit, baby-sit, pack boxes when someone’s moving house, and share our lives together. It’s tough building community in the city but we believe Christianity is all about it.

We don’t believe in fairy tales. We believe Jesus Christ really lived and walked this earth and chose to die for our sins. That’s right, we see ourselves as sinners in need of his grace. We’re talking repentance, hope, freedom, healing, grace, joy, truth, and most importantly love. So real. So refreshing.

We launched Fusion in East Rogers Park, Chicago, Il, in February 2006 but people travel from all over Chicagoland to be a part of our urban family – and friends and family visit us from different nations too. Sure, we’re small. We’re new. We’re learning. We make mistakes. We say we’re sorry. We reach out. We don’t have a target market, anyone is welcome. We don’t have all the answers. We’re everyday people. And we’re plugged into Newfrontiers, a family of more than 500 churches in over 50 nations across the globe.

We come just as we are – that’s what Jesus is all about. We are unafraid to challenge stuff and, we live out our lives based on God’s word. Yes, we believe its the inspired word of God. We don’t pretend! We don’t tell you what you want to hear. We are Christ followers and Christ seekers – together, on a mission. Everyday people exploring the true essence of Christianity and what it means in our everyday lives to be a Christ follower. READ MORE from this Chicago church.

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